Heritage of Isuzu

1907 – Japan’s first diesel engine is developed by the Navy.

1934 – Automobile Industries, an Isuzu predecessor, establishes a diesel research committee.

1936 – Automobile Industries manufactures Japan’s first air-cooled diesel engine.

1937 – Automobile Industries merges with two other companies into Tokyo Automobile Industries.

1941 – The Japanese government designates Tokyo Automobile Industries as the only company permitted to manufacture diesel-powered vehicles.

1949 – The company is renamed Isuzu Motors Limited.

1950 – Isuzu Motors develops the DA80 diesel-Japan’s first V8 engine.

1959 – Isuzu launches the bonnet-type truck with its DA640 diesel.

1961 – Isuzu develops Japan’s first diesel engine for passenger cars.

1964 – The DL200 model is mounted on the Elf, Japan’s first cab-over light-duty truck.

1973 – Isuzu adopts its newly-developed low-emission, light-weight and high output PA model in the V Series line-up.

1981 – Isuzu puts on sale ten-ton payload trucks equipped with high-torque, fuel-saving turbo-charged 8PB1-T and 6RA1-T engines.

1981 – The company introduces direct-injection design, which features both high output and low fuel consumption, to all diesels mounted on two-ton payload trucks.

1983 – Isuzu releases a new heavy-duty truck series in Japan.

2012 – Isuzu has a global diesel engine production network, sparing no efforts to develop low impact clean diesel engines in response to a growing market need.

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