Isuzu Technology

Green engines
Isuzu produces more than one million diesel engines annually. Years of research, development and production resulted in cutting-edge technology that enhances the environmental benefits of diesel engines.


Isuzu’s goal is to develop super-clean diesel engines.  These super-clean engines combine the traditional advantages of diesel over other internal combustion engines, with powerful performance and reduced exhaust gases and PM emissions, by integrating combustion optimisation, after-treatment technology and comprehensive electronic control. The Isuzu Clean Air Solutions (I-CAS) system optimises these three key technologies to minimise exhaust emissions, and boost power.


From 1 January 2010 all new vehicles have to comply with Euro II legislation. All Isuzu trucks are fitted with Euro II compliant engines that use less fuel and give more power.  Utilising common rail fuel-delivery systems, improved fuel consumption is a hallmark of these new technology engines.


Electronic control technology
Isuzu leads the world in electronic control technology by developing its own engine control software. Striving to develop electronic control systems and maximise hardware capabilities, Isuzu is pioneering the field of homogenous premix combustion, which relies on precise control of the electronic common rail fuel injection system as a technology base.


Manufacturing quality
Uncompromising manufacturing quality has always been a core element of Isuzu’s heritage. Isuzu is constantly raising the quality of its workforce and manufacturing system to ensure uniform global quality. The Manufacturing Division follows a strict quality control system and efficient manufacturing practises.


Today’s vehicle chassis and engines have so many parts that it is difficult to identify and fix the defective part or parts after completion. To prevent this from happening, Isuzu ensures that the job performed at each manufacturing step conforms 100% to quality standards, by having specialised line inspectors at key sections.

Isuzu Trucks offers genuine parts at reduced cost
April 18, 2016 Isuzu Truck South Africa now offers genuine OEM parts at competitive prices for customers.
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