N-Series: NPR 400 AMT

A very popular choice for short/medium distance deliveries.

Ideally fitted with a 4.8m length body, the 7 500kg GVM/V NPR 400 is available with either a 6 speed manual transmission or with the Isuzu unique low maintenance Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

The Crew Cab model can transport the driver plus 6 crew in absolute comfort and safety and with AMT as standard, this is the benchmark standard that all 4 ton trucks are measured against.

The "Smoother" transmission is unique to this segment of the market and a huge benefit of this is that AMT turns an average driver into a good driver.

Technical Information

Isuzu Trucks offers genuine parts at reduced cost
April 18, 2016 Isuzu Truck South Africa now offers genuine OEM parts at competitive prices for customers.
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