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Welcome to the exciting and useful Toll Calculator tool on our brand new website!

This is easy-to-use tool will help you calculate your toll fees on all main routes between the main cities.
• Simply use the navigational arrows to browse in all directions and locate your starting point.
• Click the toll-gate icon to activate it and the amounts will be included in your route calculation (top left blue bar).
• In order to de-activate it and remove the calculation from your total, just click it again.
• When you are done, the total of your calculation will reflect in the blue box at the top, a total for every class.

*If there are any additional routes you would like to request for this calculator, please send us a request email to:

We wish you a happy and safe journey!
The Isuzu Trucks Team

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Our toll fee calculator works on pre-mapped system of all the main roads between our largest cities.